Deception Tips Video 32 – Lick Lips

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman, thank you for watching the deception tips videos. They’re all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you will be able to tell if someone is lying to you.

Today we’re going to talk about how Liars are under an immense amount of stress and tension, they have a lot of anxiety. Now, this is most liars anyway, most people do not enjoy telling lies, most people are not naturally good at telling lies. Therefore, when they lie, they know consciously that it’s wrong. They understand in their mind they have a moral compass and they know that they are not supposed to lie they are supposed, to tell the truth. 

So, when they lie, there’s something inside of them, this is our conscience, it’s a little voice inside our head, it’s also our unconscious mind that is pushing all of these body language signs, these truthful behaviors out. It’s a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious. You remember I’ve talked about this in a lot of these other videos, about the battle between the conscious and the unconscious and how they’re always fighting, one for a lie one for the truth. 

So, this conflict happens inside of us which therefore puts most people under a tremendous amount of tension and stress and pressure. This can be evidenced with something that they do all the time, they end up with severe dry mouth, we are going to talk about this a lot more in the future, we’ve hinted on it in the past. But today, we are going to talk about deception tip 32 which covers this completely.

When lying, people tend to experience severe dry mouth and as a result, they may frequently lick their lips. Now, this is something that you may not always catch because it’s something that happens very quickly. Usually when a liar is lying, again that stress causes dry mouth. When we’re stressed our body puts resources towards the things that are vital for life.

So, it’s like a fight or flight mode, we go into that state and all of a sudden like energy is diverted away from things like digestion, away from like our fingertips. It’s the same thing as when you start to get hypothermia, everything goes to the core so your fight-or-flight. When that happens though usually energy is diverted towards the limbs so that we can either fight or run away.

That’s the same thing with lying when people start to get super stressed and under anxious anxiety, some of them may even have like pre-panic attack symptoms and things start going on. Adrenaline rush could happen when people start lying and all of that is going to take energy away from things like normal speech production from certain behaviors.

That’s why a lot of times behaviors will be not synchronized, your facial expressions will be messed up, their voices may crack due to dry mouth. That’s what we’re talking about today, is when people are lying, and the energy is diverted elsewhere because of this tension and this stress, their mouth is going to get really dry. As a result, they could have some speaking difficulties, they may try to swallow more and that’s another sign that we’ve talked about or we’re going to talk about even more in the future, but also, they will lick their lips all the time. 

Now, this isn’t just the regular licking the lips that people use to continue in everyday conversation, this is more like really dry mouth. Some people when it gets really severe, they’ll even get white in the corners of their lips. That’s because they’re running out of glucose and it’s starting to accumulate in the corners of their lips, it’s from the stress and tension of telling those lies so you can watch out for that.

This type of lip licking is like in mid-conversation, something like that where it’s almost like their lips are chapped and they keep trying to hydrate them. But there’s nothing there because all of that saliva is being sucked inward and their body it’s not producing that anymore because it has more important things to do.

So, watch out for that because when people start to lie, if you notice that all of a sudden, hey, this guy they’re really licking their lips a lot, what’s going on? It could be some signs of deception so then pay attention to other signs of dry mouth. Their voice could crack, different things, other signs that we’ve talked about that may be with body language, contradictory behaviors, their speech patterns etc. Look for clusters and patterns of behavior that will go with that lip licking behavior. 

Now, one other thing on lip licking is there are different ways that people do it. Not all the time when people lick their lips does it mean their mouth is dry. Sometimes it could be certain signs of attraction, it could be signs of maybe they have chapped lips, maybe they have a bad habit of licking their lips all the time, maybe they’re hungry. We see that in cartoons where they licked their chops, the dog is licking his chops for that bone.

So, keep in mind that there could be many reasons for any certain behavior but if you look for patterns and clusters of behaviors then you will be able to tell with fairly certain predictions that that person is either lying or not lying. You will be much better off if you look for those patterns and clusters of behaviors.

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