Deception Tips Video 36 – Rubbing Eyes

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman, thank you for watching the deception tips videos. They’re all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you will be able to tell if someone is lying to you.

Today, we are going to talk about a cool sign of deception that is something that people do all the time. It’s something that’s so natural that it’s actually one of the harder signs to pick up when it comes to being deceptive, but the good thing is that you can look for patterns and clusters of behavior. So, if you see this sign happen with other signs, now you know it is part of a pattern or a cluster of behaviors and you know that that person could be lying.

However, if you only see it by itself then you know that there’s another reason and as you’re going to find out in a few minutes that there could be a ton of other reasons that this sign happens. So, here it is, deception tip number 36. Liars may pretend to have something in their eye and rub it with their hand or finger in an unconscious attempt to block unlikeable stimuli.

Now, the key word here is ‘pretend’, liars may pretend to have something in their eye, that means they don’t really have something in their eye. Another thing to note is, last time we talked about mirroring behaviors which are usually hand to face mirror behaviors. So, if I rub my eye like this, chances are whoever I’m talking with, someone else, they’re probably going to rub their eye as well, that’s just part of natural human communication. You can check out that video if you haven’t seen it.

Otherwise, with typical eye movements, people only touch their eyes usually like if there’s something in their eye. If they have an eyelash that got in the way, they may try to rub it out or if they got a speck of dust or if a bug flies in their eye they’re going to be messing with their eyes because something’s irritating it. They can’t see, there’s something wrong or if it’s really dark or if they just wake up, they got to rub the sleep out of their eyes, tons of reasons that people could be touching their eyes.

However, liars will pretend to touch their eyes for a valid reason, so they’re not pretending to touch their eye, they’re really touching their eye. It’s just the reason behind it is pretend, it’s fake, so that’s a lie in and of itself plus whatever they’re lying about. So, it’s really a double lie, so now the unconscious is really trying to push out behaviors and really trying to get to the truth because it’s double.

They’re lying not only with whatever they’re saying or whatever they’re covering up. They’re faking the reason why they’re touching their eye, so now there’s going to be all kinds of stress and tension. So, there will be more than one behavior, so seeing a cluster or pattern when it comes to the sign, there definitely is going to be a pattern and a cluster of behaviors.

Keep in mind that people can touch their eyes for all kinds of different reasons and so you shouldn’t count a hundred percent on anytime someone touches their eye that they’re lying. Now, I said to block out unlikable stimuli, this could be done very simply as in, they see something they don’t like, and they could just rub their eye, closing one eye and then the other eye is looking somewhere else so that whatever they’re seeing over here they’re not seeing anymore because they don’t like seeing it.

So, pay attention to that whenever that’s happening, if they’re shutting their eyes or if they’re, in extreme cases, they may back up a little bit like, ‘whoa, like that’s kind of repulsive’ or whatever. It’s usually something they don’t like, they do not want to see it. In some extreme cases, you may even see disgust on their face, like a, ‘what in the world was that’ type of a deal.

However, other times, it could go so far as they may even shut their eyes, they could turn their head away and look somewhere else because whatever they’re seeing they don’t want to see. But in minor cases, where maybe they’re speaking with someone and they’re pretending to like whatever is going on and they really don’t, so now they’re just touching their eye or they’re blocking out that unlikeable stimuli.

One important thing which is going to add a lot of confusion or it just keeps going on it’s like on a second Monday they do this and if it’s a full moon you do that. No, this is if they are not liking a stimulus. Now, stimuli don’t need to be visual, so it could be something they hear that they don’t like, and they could block their eyes.

Why? Well, because whoever is saying that they’re blocking out the visual of that person. They’re blocking that unlikeable stimulus from their eyes, but they still may be hearing it, they could just tune it out later. They’re not going to physically plug their ears when talking to someone because that’s too rude. However, they could unconsciously block their eye and then within their head they could just ignore what someone is saying.

So, pay attention to that if someone blocks their eyes it could be because they are blocking out some unlikable stimuli. If you happen to get lucky and it’s one of those extreme cases where they turn their head away, close their eyes or something like that then you know for sure. Otherwise, pay attention to patterns and clusters of behavior when it comes to eye blocking stimuli.

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