Deception Tips Video 38 – Tense Neck

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman, thank you for watching the deception tips videos. They’re all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you will be able to tell if someone is lying to you. Today, we are going to talk about a precursor to a few different emotions, but it is also something that happens when lying.

When people lie, they are under a tremendous amount of tension, stress, anxiety, etc. All these negative emotions that really cause people to boil and so it’s like a tea kettle with that little thing in it and the steam is just waiting to come out and whistle, they’re waiting to blow. It’s a balloon that’s too full of hot air and it’s going to burst at any second.

Now, that sounds a lot like anger too, so this tension is kind of a precursor to, like I said, another emotion, which is anger. This tension can be displayed on the body in a number of different ways. We’ve talked about it many times before with pacifying gestures, with cover up gestures, with soothing gestures. Today, we’re going to look for an anger sign that is also a precursor to lying.

So, here it is, deception tip number 38. When a liar is under pressure or duress, the muscles of the neck may tense up and the veins may protrude. Now, that is like when you see those cartoons where the person is like ahhh and their neck is just going to bulge. Sometimes, a lot of bodybuilders, they already have those big veins in their neck just because they’re either on a bunch of steroids and they’re really bulked up or because they just have so many muscles up there that those veins are popping out.

Also, you could see it if people eat too much salt then their veins show. If they have veins that are close to the skin, then they eat a lot of salt now their veins are protruding. So, just like any of these other signs, there could be many reasons why this could happen but usually when people get really tense and frustrated and angry, their veins, their muscles in the necks, everything just tenses up. You can really see that in their neck, you can see it in their posture, you can see it in how they are going.

Another thing is, if you tell people to stand up really straight, they often lock their neck and their shoulders are set and they’re just like a board, stiff as a board, they’re rigid, you can see it in their posture. So, when you’re watching for that, when you’re talking with people and you see that, wow, this person is like ramrod straight, their neck muscles are coming out, things are not really normal. They don’t seem like they’re flowing, or they don’t seem chill, they seem like they’re tense and you can pick up on that.

This could be due to the fact that they are telling a lie because when people lie, as we’ve said before, they are under a ton of tension, pressure, stress, etc. The reason they’re under that is because normal people do not like to lie, normal people are not comfortable with telling lies. That’s only people who are abnormal or they could be a sociopath or psychopath type of individuals, pathological liars, they love telling lies and it makes them feel good, so then, of course, they don’t get tense.

They get tense when they don’t tell lies but other people, they usually get tense when they’re telling a lie because they know their conscience tells them that it’s not the right thing to do. So, that creates conflict and that creates anxiety, creates stress, tension, some of which could be exhibited through veins or tense neck muscles. It depends on the person, some people could exhibit it in the wringing of their hands, biting their lips as we’ve talked about before, otherwise the tense neck muscles.

So, when you’re watching for that, you need to be very careful because tense neck muscles could either mean they’re lying, or it could mean they’re angry. So, if they’re angry and you accuse them of lying, now they’ve gone from angry to really angry. You’re going to really make them upset, especially if they’re not lying, you’re accusing them of lying when they’re just upset about something.

They’re going to become really upset, so you’ve got to be very careful with that especially with accusing them because if you start seeing those tense neck muscles, there is a very good chance that they could be angry. Do you really want to like poke the bear or pour gasoline on the fire type of a thing? You don’t, so that is why if you see that, let it be like a red flag for you to look for other behaviors.

Chances are if they’re angry you’re going to see that they’re angry because as soon as you see their neck muscles going, anger happens so quickly that they’re going to do something else. They’re either going to yell, they’re going to kick the floor, whatever the case may be, it’ll happen next. Whereas, if they’re lying, you may have to sit back a little bit watch for a few other signs to happen then you’ll be able to tell, so watch for the patterns and the clusters of behavior.

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