Deception Tips Video 42 – Back Of Neck

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman, thank you for watching the deception tips videos. They’re all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you’ll be able to tell if someone is lying to you. Today, we have a cool sign of deception that is really a great behavior for you to watch for because it’s so obvious. It also ties back to video number 38 when we talked about tension in the neck.

If you remember that, we’re going to talk more about tension in the neck today and how people will display that especially when they’re lying. When people lie, they’re tense, they’re stressed, they’re anxious, pre-panic attack modes for some people, adrenaline rush, something like that and it’s all building up inside of them. So, they need to get rid of that tension somehow, they need to massage it away or pacify it.

So, here it is, this deception tip is number 42 and it’s all about the neck. Oftentimes, liars will place their hand on the back of their neck as if to massage away the tension in telling a lie. So, that’s what this one is about, it’s about putting their hand back here and they’re rubbing, it’s really like a neck massage. It’s not going to be for very long, it’ll usually be right after a question is asked.

So, if we say, “Where were you the other day?” “Let’s see, I was at XYZ place” it’ll be something like that example and it’s not just going to be a touch of the back of the neck. It’s going to be a full-out, they’re going to reach back there and try to massage away some of the tension in those neck muscles and vertebrae’s and ligaments and all that kind of stuff.

They’re really easing some stress because obviously when you get a massage it feels good, so when people are massaging their own neck it feels good. So, when someone’s lying and they’re trying to lie, that doesn’t feel that good because most people don’t want to lie, most people do not like lying, they don’t enjoy lying. Oftentimes, they say liars get that feeling in the pit of their stomach because it makes them feel a little sick or something because your conscious does not want you to lie.

So, the conscience is battling and that’s really your unconscious, your conscience, it’s all together. It’s your conscious that wants to lie, your conscience is your guide and then the unconscious is fighting on behalf of your conscience, so to speak. So, it’s a lot of confusing terminologies, you’ve heard it all before but that’s okay.

When people lie, it doesn’t feel natural and so by doing this and rubbing their neck, they’re taking that feeling that they don’t like, that terrible feeling and they’re massaging and replacing it with a good feeling. So, it’s like, ah, and then they’re able to answer that question or tell that lie, so watch out for that.

Keep in mind that some people maybe they were in a car accident, they have whiplash, they had some kind of thing happen, maybe they’re vertebrae are out and so after a while, maybe they’re talking, and they notice something is funky with their neck. So, every once in a while, maybe they put their hand back there to pop things back into place, that could be just how they are.

So, you need to watch out for legitimate reasons behind these behaviors, maybe they were having a rough day at the computer all day, down like this typing and their neck is stiff so they massage it when they’re talking to you. You never know what the reason behind it could be.

Which is why if you notice that now you can say, “Hey, wait a minute, he’s touching his neck and it’s more than just a touch it’s a massage, so something could be going on there but I haven’t seen any other deceptive signs, well maybe it’s nothing.” However, if you start seeing other deceptive signs now you say, well, maybe it is something, let’s ask some more questions, investigate, dig a little deeper and see what can come along.

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