Deception Tips Video 49 – Calf Muscle

Hey guys, my name is Spencer Coffman, thank you for watching the deception tips videos, they’re all about teaching you how to read people and detect deception so that you will be able to tell if someone is lying to you. Today, we are talking about a deception tip that is on the legs.

Remember a couple of times ago we talked about how it’s important to watch the legs because you’re going to see a lot of behaviors happening there due to the fact that people mask their face a little bit more. We’ve talked about that in another deception tip, you may see a card pop up above on those tips, but we have talked about that, that it is important for you to watch the legs because there’s a lot going on down there.

Why? Because the conscious and unconscious are fighting, the conscious is trying to stifle the unconscious and it says, “Hey, I don’t want you to put any signs out on the face, but I’ll allow it on the legs.” The legs are typically under the table, they’re not really seen, no one really pays attention to them, so it allows leakage to occur there and this tip is talking about that.

It’s a certain sign that you’ll see on the legs when someone may be deceptive of course you’re going to see other signs along with it, but it is important that you watch and pay attention to this one. So, here it is, this is deception tip number 49. Some liars may cross the bottoms of their legs at the calf muscle in an X like position as if to block the target’s perceptions.

There are a couple of things going on here, they’re going to cross their legs at the calf muscle, that is the muscle directly behind the shin. They’re going to make an X like position with their legs, they’re blocking the target’s perceptions. Obviously, they’re not really blocking everything like I do with my hands here where I’m blocking you off.

If you remember in deception tip number one where we talked about arm folding that’s kind of blocking, that’s a defensive behavior, it could be withholding. Of course, it could also mean someone is simply cold or they need a little bit of comfort and they’re giving themselves a hug, but this behavior is similar to that because that is blocking or giving themselves that hug.

When you cross your legs at the calf muscle, they may be crossing them and pushing, we’re having some tension there. That could be tension release, stress release, it could also be that comfort of giving themselves a hug. In addition, if you see another tip, we talked about which was on locking the ankles, again you may see a little pop up here to direct you to that but that one is a tension gesture.

They were locking those ankles, putting some tension on there, and then you’ll see this crossing the legs at the calf muscle with that, now it’s starting to become that pattern or cluster of behaviors. If they’re sitting down, chances are they’re going to be sitting down because if they cross their legs and lock their ankles, if they do that standing, they’re probably going to tip over.

So, you see this when they’re sitting then you may also see that arm folding going on now it is a genuine pattern or cluster that you are starting to witness. When you start seeing all of that stuff you can be fairly certain that that person is being a little bit withholding, they may be defensive, they may not want to share something or maybe they’re freezing cold and they need a blanket, you never know.

Again, that’s why it’s important for you to pay attention to the environment and the things going on around them. If all of a sudden, you see that it’s 40 degrees outside and they don’t have a jacket and they’re sitting outside in a lawn chair with their arms folded and their legs crossed and their ankles locked, well they’re probably cold because they’re an idiot outside at that temperature with no jacket.

If you see someone who is in a warm room, in a comfy little interrogation center or sitting at the kitchen table and their arms are folded and their legs are locked and the ankles are crossed and all that kind of stuff, that’s a little bit more unusual, it’s a little bit more out of place.

Then you can start to poke and prod for other signs and other tips and ask them a little bit more questions to see what else you get out of them if you see any more signs of deception or anything like that. Keep in mind this is crossed at the calf muscle, you may or may not see it with locked ankles, or arm folding, if you do then it starts to become that pattern or cluster of behaviors.

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